Dry January prompts concerns of drought

While Marbella has been basking in brilliant sunshine and warm weather, concerns are rising over waterlevels in parts of the country, with record low levels of rain.

Only 35% of the normal rainfall levels were recorded in the last quarter of 2021, with hardly any significant rainfall being recorded this year.

The Embalse de la Concepción is normally close to capacity at this time of year. But the main photo shows how low the level is. (Photo http://www.photographermarbella.com )

In a statement AEMET said that this was the driest January since 2005. Authorities have said that emergency subsidies will soon need to be released in the next fortnight to help farmers purchase water.

Currently the Embalse de la Concepción, just behind Marbella, is at just above 40% capacity. Long term forecasts suggest significant levels of rain may not arrive for another three to four weeks.


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