EXCLUSIVE Astral Bar hits back at “slander” of Quirke drink spiking claims.

The owners of the bar that Irish actor Andy Quirke claimed his girlfriend had her drink spiked in have reacted furiously to his claims.

Quirke, best known for playing playing Damo Whelan and Ivor Itchdaddy in the RTE Two show Damo and Ivor, posted on Facebook that his girlfriend was drugged in the Astral bar by two men while the couple were being distracted by a magician and a clown. He also claimed the magician had tried to obtain the couple’s ATM number from their mobile phones.

 A spokesman for Astral told Planet Marbella  “The couple arrived at Astral after had a meal. Who knows what could have happened on the street before they came to us?  We cannot control what happens to clients on the street before or after they have been in our bar.

 “What we do know is that the couple were drinking cocktails and that girl had six margaritas in a very short space of time. 

“One of our waiters went out after they left and found her passed out lying in the street by the rubbish bins, and went to assist her. Why would he do this if he were part of a criminal gang?

“Astral has been open as a family friendly bar for thirteen years. We have never had this type of problem. To suggest that there is a criminal gang operation here is nothing less than a slander. We take these matters very seriously and absolutely reject the claims.

“These claims are a direct attack on our establishment’s image, and attack on our professionalism. These words have been seen around the world on social media and this is slander. This accusation is bad for the image of all of Puerto Banus”.

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