Farewell to the “Queen of the Night!

Marbella’s orginal party people were yesterday mourning the loss of one of the most emblematic names of the social scene with the death at the age of 92 of Regine – the self styled ‘Queen of the Night”

Alain Delon, Mirielle Darc, Sean Connery and Regine

After an impoverised childhood in wartime Paris, she opened Chez Régine in 1957, widely regarded as the world’s first discotheque. “When the music stopped, you could hear snogging in the corners,” she told the BBC “It killed the atmosphere. Instead, I installed two turntables so there was no gap in the music. I was barmaid, doorman, bathroom attendant, hostess, and I also put on the records. It was the first-ever discotheque, and I was the first-ever club disc jockey.”

Regine celebrates another party with Gunilla von Bismark Photo. Puente Romano

In the 1970s, she built a $500 million empire of 23 clubs in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas, including Régine’s in Manhattan, the most famous nightspot of its era, catering to the stretch-limousine crowd of arts and entertainment stars, society celebs, princes, playboys and Beautiful People.

Alain Delon makes his entrance… Photo Puente Romano

In 1979, Regine’s Nightclub at the Puente Romano opened its doors and became the favorite haunt of Marbella’s jet-set. Guests included Alain Delon, Bjorn Borg, Gina Lollobrigida, Sean Connery, Brigitte Bardot, Ava Gardner, Gunilla von Bismark and a host of others

Party People at Regine’s – Photo Puente Romano

In the decade of excess that was the 80s. the Dom Pérignon champagne flowed, large portions of caviar eaten by the tablespoon and the party people had a hedonistic time. By 1987, Olivia Valere took over the running of Regine’s, and the rest, as they say, is nightclub history!

A little 80’s excess at Regine’s – Photo Puente Romano
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