Festive No Man’s Land!

It’s that merry time of year between Christmas Eve and Three Kings when you’re not entirely sure what day it is
Although to be honest, as a freelance journalist living in Marbella that applies pretty much to every other time of the year as well.
This is also the time of year when it is socially acceptable to eat chocolate, scoff mince pies or finish off last night’s bottle first thing in the morning. (Again, as a freelance journalist this applies pretty much to every other time of the year as well, although chocolate digestives tend to take the place of mince pies.)
Extensive road testing has lead me to the conclusion that the After Eight mint is the most easily digestible chocolate at 9am, but steer well clear of the Ferrero Rocher. The crunching noise that they make the morning after the night before will have you reaching for the Alker Seltzer.
It’s also the time of year that you miss all your meetings as you’re too busy/lazy/tipsy to tranfer your data to your 2017 or the Smartphone that you brought to make yourself more organised.
 While in the UK the Christmas celebrations are over by January 2,  in Spain we like to prolong the festive season for as long as possible. Three Kings on January 6 is the final day of celebration, with Spanish children traditionally getting their presents on the night of January 5.
The evening is marked by the procession of the Three Kings  with sugar crazed kiddies dashing around and little ones and grown-ups alike fighting for the sweets thrown out by the Reyes themselves. Last year they Three Kings dolled out 10,000 kilos of sweets in Marbella alone, which must have been great news for the town’s dentists. It will also be interesting to see if anyone decides to ‘don blackface’ as Balthazar this year.
Then again, Marbella has already had Maria Bravo prancing around as the town’s official Santa Claus, so I suppose anything is possible…
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