Flash Mob Marbella Style!

This Saturday, February 27 at 3pm, JiveSpain and friends are making a YouTube to try and beat the best flash mob across the world.

Taking place at  La Canada Shopping Centr , main hall (pictured) the event will feature six of the best singers  on the coast supported by 100 experienced dancers. Marbella Entertainment is installing a perfect sound system, with the music recorded professionally in the studios of ‘Giant Step Productions’, RTV television in association with ‘Marbella on Video’ using three cameras will be filming the event.

Although the  project started out as a publicity idea for JiveSpain.com, it has become an advert for Marbella and reflect what a fabulous and fun place Marbella is

If you want to get involved in this fun event the timings are…

· 2.55 pm everyone coming to join in, will be shopping or, appearing to be having a normal Saturday afternoon out,

· 3 pm the silence will be broken by Stelvis (In full dress) breaking, unannounced, into Viva Marbella’

· After a 4 second break, Wendy Halo will ‘rock the place’ with ‘Proud Mary’.

· After a four second break, Mike and Simone sing ‘Aint no mountain high enough’ This is a jive track and the cue for 100 Jivers to take to the dance floor.

· At the end of the track, there is a 4 second pause when all the Jivers ‘Freeze’, wherever their hands and feet are.

· Song number 4 is Lesley Harrison singing the Junior Walker track’ and the Jivers start dancing again immediately the music starts, dancing all the way to the end of the song.

· The final song is a ‘sing-a-long’ ‘dance-a-long’ clap-a-long’ big finish. with Steve Cline singing  from the balcony will lead the whole place singing the chorus of Hey hey baby (originally by DJ Otzi) as ‘Hey, Hey Marbella, with everyone joining in singing, dancing, clapping and partying.

· Finally, you will all be invited to look directly at the cameras for the only time as everyone waves ‘goodbye to the world’ from Marbella.

Unless you are on ‘Britain’s most wanted list’ and don’t want to be seen, it’s a free ‘fun’ 15 minutes on a Saturday afternoon with some great music and, you may end up on camera to be viewed by anything up to 50 million people. Something to show your friends in England or your Granny in Australia. (If you haven’t got a Granny in Australia, borrow someone else’s) You will have contributed to making Marbella more famous than it already is as the place to live or holiday in the sun. Everyone is welcome!

There is no need to let the know you are coming, just go to La Canada, today at about 2.30pm.

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