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As one of Europe’s leading tourist destinations, Marbella is perhaps synonymous with people enjoying the vibrant lifestyle that the town offers. For some, however, living the dream in Marbella can turn into a living hell as they find themselves slipping into addiction.

It isn’t a question of willpower, social standing or weakness of character. Addiction, be it alcohol or drugs, can affect anyone and a way out can seem both bewildering and impossible.

Alcoholism and drug addiction are very serious, life threatening, progressive illnesses

Inner Light Marbella provides a solution for those who are willing to reach out. As an Addiction Recovery Retreat/Sober Living Community the team – all who have first-hand experience with addiction – offer support, care and guidance to achieve a new life free from addictions such as alcohol and drugs. They know about the pain and depression generated by substance abuse, more importantly, they know the way out.

What makes Inner Light Marbella different is that it is not a rehab. Set in a beautiful 17 hectare Nature Reserve, 25 min from Marbella, the team offers effective and affordable personalised recovery programmes for long term success. Treating each person as an individual, they don’t have to participate in any activity that they don’t want to, are allowed to keep mobile telephones and are also free to leave at any time if they wish.

What Inner Light Marbella aims to do – and has been proved hugely successful – is to pass on what has worked for them and provide the tools and solutions for successful and lasting recovery. The 12 step recovery programme is an intrinsic part of this.

Inner Light Marbella offers a comprehensive programme of activities, including yoga, meditation, a variety of energetic therapies, equine therapy and even farming and gardening. Qualified physiatrists and psychologists are also on hand to guide recovery and personal development.

If you have made the decision to change your life to one infinitely better, contact

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