George Benson gives Marbella THE night

We were promised an unforgettable night on Friday and the legend that is George Benson more than kept his promise.

A packed Puente Romano Tenis Club saw the 74-year-old in smooth and sublime style, as he treated an adoring audience to a masterclass of midsummer magic.

Classics such as “Never Give Up On A Good Thing”, “Love Times Love” and “Give Me The Night” had the crowd on its feet from the start.

He may be in his mid-70s but he is still one of the smoothest and sexiest men on the planet, showing off some dance moves that brought shrieks from the ladies in the audience.

George and his brilliant band finished the show with a rapturously received “On Broadway”. He spoke on stage of his love for Marbella – and after Friday’s show, it’s apparent that Marbella loves him back!

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