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Good time to buy!

A new survey says that the majority of Spaniards think now is a good time to invest in property.

According to a new study by Solvia (a bank real estate servicer) and Kantar TNS, a research company, 71% of Spaniards think this is a “good time” to buy property

Reasons cited by respondents for their positive view included the fall in prices during the crisis, the idea that property is a good investment, and a market that now offers “real opportunities.”

But when surveyed about their own financial circumstances, respondents were largely pessimistic. 61% said now is a bad moment for them to afford a property investment with uncertain employment and low savings cited as the main reasons.

So it looks like most Spaniards want to invest in property, but can’t afford to do so. International investors, however, are already active in the market.

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