Goodbye Russ!

It’s the end of an era.

After over 15 years of very, very VERY late nights – including my own somewhat “lively” 40th birthday bash – Terra Blues owner Russell Soden has decided to call it a day.

Russell has sold the bar but not before having a final “Terror Blues” Halloween farewell party tonight.

TerraBlues was always the place that you could go to escape the TOWIE Tsunami that engulfed Banus. Up a flight of stairs on the second line, Terra Blues quickly became the byword for locals and in the know visitors as the place that you could let your hair down, down a shot or two and dance to some great music. And you’d always find someone to party with usually Russell or Aaron.

Expect a crazy night in tonight Banus, with ridiculous shenanigans and Biblical amounts of Jaeger shots being downed.

Thanks for the (very hazy) memories!

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