Grand Theft Auto Marbs…

The summer madness continues.

We’re used to the influx of supercars in Puerto Banus every summer. We’ve even got used to the (usually Eurotrash)  drivers roaring up and down the backline of Banus, imagining in their tiny minds that they are staring in their own personal version of “Fast and Furious”.

But sometimes they indulge in numskull behaviour of the highest order, as this video shows.

The convertible Porsche driver, complete with Banus bimbo sitting illegally on the back, decides that red lights are for “little people” and roars off, followed by some equally stupid supercar drivers.

The third car to try this trick almost crashes into a scooter that has right of way. It was lucky that no one was hurt.

Hopefully the police will be able to identify these idiots and throw the book at them.

This is Banus – it’s not Grand Theft Auto!

Although the way things are going the Playstation game “Grand Theft Auto Marbs” cannot be far away…


Video Jamie Perez

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