Have a Craft Beer Christmas!

If you want to kick your Christmas celebrations off with a little style, El Grifo , the craft beer and gin bar in Marbella is the perfect place!

Situated behind the Marbella lighthouse, El Grifo offers ten craft beers on tap and numerous craft gins to choose. Since opening in summer the bar has quickly become a favourite  for residents and tourists alike. As a vibrant cross-section of the emerging Spanish craft scene, you would be hard pressed to find a better option.


The rotating beer taps feature a strong representation of the leading Spanish craft brewers and some lesser known, rising stars. If the choice seems overwhelming, there is the option of a five glass tasting tray which allows you to sample different beers without committing to a full pint. The gins, once again highlighting the strength of the craft distilling skills in Spain, take you on a journey from the Canaries to Galicia, with all stops in between.

El Grifo can also be hired for private functions and Christmas parties, and owner Fraser Dodge is looking forward to featuring the major sporting events over the Festive season.


El Grifo Craft Bar
Avda. Anonio Belon 26

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