Hitmen in Marbella murder case arrested

A joint operation between National Police and the Amsterdam Police has resulted in the breakup one of the most active hitman gangs in Europe. 

The group was allegedly involved in ten murders, including Marbella businessman Marco Yaqout (below),who was gunned down in his car in the garage of his home in January 2019.

Six people have been arrested, four in Spain and two in the Netherlands. Four of the gang were intercepted as they travelled through Spain to carry out a new  “commission”. A semi-automatic pistol with a silencer and  ammunition was recovered during the arrests.

After a year long investigation agents were able to identify the members of the criminal group, a professional organisation whose members used encrypted mobile phones in their communications.

Collaboration with the Dutch police made it possible to identify the members, who mainly operated in the Netherlands. The group worked “for hire” from different criminal organisations, settling outstanding accounts with members of other gangs with whom they were at odds, either due to a “power struggle” or as a consequence of disputes generated by illegal operations.

During the investigation Police discovered that four members of the network  were planning a new “order”, the objective of which was in Spain.
They were located and detained when they entered Spanish territory aboard a vehicle.

At the same time, the Dutch police carried out two more arrests and several searches in homes in Netherlands, completely dismantling the criminal structure.

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