Horse makes good recovery

The horse that collapsed through heat exhaustion in the Albarizas area of Marbella is recovering well.

Despite rumours that the animal had died and that its death was being covered up by the authorites, the Guardia Civil unit responsible for environment protection (SEPRONA) has been caring for the animal at a Marbella shelter.

The dramatic pictures at over the weekend caused outrage among the public and lead to calls for the horse carriages to be immediately banned in Marbella, and an online petition was set up. Others want there to be stricter regulations, ensuring that the horses have enough shade, that they do not work during the hottest period of the day, and that there should be water troughs situated on Marbella’s streets.

The horse’s owner has sbeen charged with maltreatment of an animal and faces a fine of up to €30,000 and a custodial sentence.

At 3pm today, with the temperature in the high 30s, horse carriages were still  taking tourists, sitting under parasols,  on tours of the town.





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