Horseback Heaven!

If you are looking for the perfect antidote to get away from the stresses and strains of 21st century life – and let’s face it, 2020 has given us enough stress to last us the rest of the century – then the Molino Horse Ride is the answer.

Stunning Andalucian Scenery

From their beautiful base in Coin, less than 30 minutes’ drive from Marbella, Giles and Miranda Crawford offer a spectacular four hour horse ride that takes experienced riders into some of the most stunning countryside in Andalucia.

“The ride is aimed at relatively experienced riders” explains Giles , “those who have their own horse or ride regularly and are confident enough to canter over uneven terrain in an outdoor environment on a forward going horse.

“You’ll experience a mixture of riding quietly and admiring the countryside and other moments where we may be doing canters and gallops through the fields and just enjoying the exhilarating thrill of being on a fit fast horse.

The ride takes you through a variety of locations “Many people who know Spain and Andalucia often remark that this region is the most beautiful” says Giles. “One of the reasons is due to the contrast in the terrain and the countryside. In a three or four hour ride we can go through rivers, areas that feel like you are in the middle of a pine forest, over hills that enjoy fabulous views down to the sea, and  other areas that are completely open grass plains.

The day finishes with some typical hospitality!

Another advantage of horse riding, apart from the physical activity, is that it give you the opportunity to discover hidden gems “We’ve been riding around this area for 20 years and we are still not bored”, says Miranda “Many people come up from the coast and are amazed by the countryside. They often ask ‘how has all this been kept such a secret?’ There’s really no better to discover nature than on horseback. You can get to places than are inaccessible to 4×4. And on a mountain bike it’s too much effort!” she laughs.

“We discover little hamlets, literally three or four houses that you reach by a track” continues Giles, “I you weren’t on a horse you wouldn’t even know that these places exist. You can see the old Andalucia still living. We often meet an old couple in their garden, surrounded by chickens, working the land as they have for centuries”.

It’s not just a physical experience “It’s a therapy when you are riding” Giles explains “it is a type meditation because you are reconnecting with nature and reconnecting with life, but at the same time you can still have those moments on the horse that are thrilling.”

The ride finishes with a full lunch, enjoying traditional Andalucian hospitality, as well as a glass of wine – or two. The day starts at 10am and after lunch the riders return to Giles and Miranda’s beautifully converted mill, where they can freshen up with a shower if needed. The activity costs €150 including lunch, and €10 goes to horse charity ARCH.

Molino Horse Ride offers the perfect escape from the current situation with a unique experience.


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