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Hundreds protest Marbella lockdown

Marbella followed the example of the well heeled Salamanca district of Madrid yesterday when hundreds gathered to protest against the continuing State of Alarm and Prime Minister Sanchez’s policies

Facebook: Immaculada Brujita

The protesters, many draped in Spanish flags and banging pots and pans, made their way along the paseo and the Avenida del Mar to the Alameda Park.

Protesters in the Alameda Park. Photo Facebook: Ana Molero

Although not officially supported by Marbella’s Partido Popular, the protesters unrolled a giant Spanish flag with the town’s name written across it. The last time that particular flag was seen was at the Davis Cup, when it was used by the Town Hall to promote the city.

The actions of the protesters, many without masks or respecting social distancing, drew swift critisism on Social Media, with comments that this would damage Marbella’s image. Marbella today celebrated 14 days without coronavirus fatalities and Malaga Province has requested to move to Phase 2.

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