‘Intense night’ in fight against Sierra Bermeja fire

The Sierra Bermeja fire shows no signs of slowing down on day five as emergency services battle on all fronts

Firefighters on Sierra Bermeja

Thus far, the massive blaze has destroyed over 7000 ha of forest and forced the evacuation of five villages “This Fire has a life of its own” The total number of people evacuated so far is 2,670, and just over a thousand were able to return to their homes in Sunday

Sunday night was described as ‘intense’ by INFOCA, as emergency services struggled to contain the fires in the Sierra Bermeja, many of which could be clearly seen from the coast. Personnel of the Military Emergency Unit (UME) also joined the operation yesterday.

Firefighters are today concentrating their efforts on the eastern side of the blaze that is heading towards Casares. A total of 41 aircraft are currently involved in the operation

The map showing the affected area

Weather conditions have improved and the forecast is for much needed rain on Tuesday, which may offer some respite.

In the meantime, several organisations are helping to support those who have been evacuated, including Collective Calling. More information can be found below


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