It’s Not Funny

The giant inflatable Coke can has been one of the most recognisable images in Marbella, and its go karting track has inspired the dreams of thousands of would be Fernando Alonsos over three decades, but yesterday Marbella Town Hall closed one of the most popular beaches for families when it locked the gates of Funny Beach.

Marbella Town Hall claims that owner Horacio Helmann has been violating planning laws since Funny Beach opened in 1990. The go kart track was deemed illegal on what is green zoned land, and Funny Beach had been allowed to operate on a temporary licence since then by previous town hall administrations.

Yesterday’s closure left eight Funny Beach employees out of work at the height of the summer and hundreds of children, who had come for a day of go karting, dissapointed.

The Town Hall may be following the letter of the law on closing Funny Beach due to it using tempoarary licences, but closing a well know family friendly beach club, popular with both locals and tourists alike has already proved an unpopular move. Especially when you consider the loud music, and drunken stag and hen and champagne spraying parties that are allowed at other beach clubs.

For a Marbella Town Hall that wants to draw attention away from the TOWIE and Life on Marbs crowd and promote more family friendly locations, closing Funny Beach seems a strange decision.

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