Je suis Paris

I got home late last night from a house warming in the campo where I was introduced to one of my best friend’s new man, who was born in Paris.

I host a Saturday morning breakfast show every weekend, so left the party early and drove back to the Casita. I was heading off to bed with a cuppa at midnight when I thought I would just check what was going on in the world of Facebook.

And I started seeing the posts about the Paris attacks on Facebook.

I flicked on my radio (I don’t have a television at home) and listened to the horrific events unfold for the next couple of hours. One of the great things about living in an international community such as Marbella, is the fact that we have friends all over the world. My thoughts went straight away to my French friends, as well as a friend who was on holiday in Paris and had sent me a photo of the Eiffel Tower the day before.

I WhatsApped her to check that she was OK, but there was no reply. I went to bed around 3am, worried.

Up at 6am to head to the studio for the show, I received a message from her. She had taken shelter in the basement of a bar with other customers and was stuck with all transport links shut down. But at least she was safe. Other friends have been checking into Facebook all morning, letting us know that they are safe.

As the full horror of last night’s attacks are revealed today, I’ll be keeping an eye on Social Media. Of course there will be the usual “close the borders, kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out” comments that always appear after these atrocities, but there has already been a huge public display of solidarity with the people of Paris.

Residents threw open their doors last night to shelter those stranded and get people off the boulevards that had become killing grounds. They didn’t ask what the religion was of the people they were letting in, or what part of the planet they came from. It was just a natural, gut reaction to help fellow human beings in distress.

Marbella with its wonderful mixture of cultures and creeds, religions and races, is living proof that we can all co-exist. Today in Marbella we pray for those we lost last night, offer comfort for their friends and families and say in solidarity “Je suis Paris”

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