Junta closes wildlife sanctuary

The Junta de Andalucia has ordered the closure of the Ojén Ecological Reserve, a popular wildlfe park that allows the public to observe and learn more about animals in their natural enviroment.

The Reserve has also been fined €130,000 by the Ministry of Sustainable Development signed by D. José Antonio Víquez, (P.P.) Delegate in Malaga

The most serious charges are that the Reserve failed to inform the Junta of facilities and procedures prior to opening, that it kept wild boars and foxes without the proper legal documentation and a lack of specialised personnel and biosanitary protocols

The Reserve has argued that these issues have been addressed and that that inspection that lead to the sanction took place in 2020 at the height of the pandemic.

The closure has resulted in the cancelation of visits from schools and family groups as well as agreements with hotels for Easter.

“As an Ecological Reserve and Fauna Refuge, we are committed to the life of wild fauna, orphans or injured, so we cannot ask for a card or invoice of origin for the animals that come to us, such as foxes or wild boars. We will continue to admit them in compliance with the strictest sanitary measures”, the Reserve said in a statement. “The Ojen Eco Reserve does a good job caring for wildlife, nature conservation and environmental education”.


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