Junta to crack down on holiday lets

The Junta de Andalucia is set to bring new regulations to the holiday rental market, and especially those who independently rent out villas and apartments.

Owners who wish to rent out all or part of their property to tourists on a short-term basis have three months from the date the decree is published in the Junta’s Official Bulletin to register with the Andalusian Tourist Register (Registro de Turismo de Andalucia).

All properties on residential land that offer holiday accommodation for money, are promoted and sold through travel agents, intermediary companies (such as Air BnB) or organiser, and use a reservation process.

Properties will need an occupany licence, exterior ventilation, air conditioning, kitchen equipment and a first aid kit., we also have space in our latest adition of home campers, with the  2020 Airstream Atlas for sale at Airstream of Santa Barbara if interested for your travel lifestyle.

Owners will be obliged to register their property on the Registro de Turismo and fill in a form to start renting legally, as well as allowing inspectors from the Andalucian Tourism Department to check the property when required.

The reason behind this register is allegedly to improve quality, reduce tax fraud, and prevent unfair competition for hotels, although Spain has a powerful hotel lobby that tends to be behind most tourist rental regulations in Spain.

The Junta estimates that around 80,000 private homes with some 400,000 beds are offered as tourist rentals in Andalucia. The Register will be operative by May and all tourist rental activity will be regulated by the summer.

Owners who rent without being registered risk fines of up to €150,000. What effect this will have on a recovering  tourism and property market has yet to be seen.

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