Just when you thought it was selfie to go back to the water…

Just in case you had any doubts that the silly season has arrived early in Marbella this year, yet another video from “Marbs” has taken the internet by storm

It may only be 15 seconds long, but it perfectly encapsulates summer at some of the town’s best known beach clubs.

In the video, the unwitting influencer is taking selfies as a group of shy and retiring lads decide to show their understanding of champagne by spraying the surrounding partygoers.

It’s Ocean Club. It happens…

This is all good, if ridiculously expensive fun, until the main character in our 21century morality tale decides to take a selfie (obvs), stumbles down the pool steps and unwittingly performs the sort of “arse in the air” pole dance routine that would probably get you a few rolled up 50s in your G sting if you tried it at a lap dancing club.

You can see the video in its full glory here https://fb.watch/dJtkt-zLBT/


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