LDV Sports Management cry foul as Marbella FC owner Grinberg renages on sale

While Marbella FC may still be in contention for promotion, off the field issues continue to disrupt the club’s future.

In April the owners of Marbella FC, including president Alexander Grinberg (pictured above with ex-Marbella mayor Jose Bernal) who was arrested under suspicion of money laundering last year Marbella FC owner arrested in Mafia swoop came to an agreement with LDV Sports Management on the transfer of ownership of the club, with both parties signing a share purchase agreement. Since then, however, there has been chaos with Grinberg claiming that he has not sold the club.

The signed contract was sent to the Football federation for the administrative filing process required for next season’s club license. On Friday the federation confirmed that they ratified the contract. LDV are now arguing  the transfer of ownership and control which should have materialised more than a month ago.

Alexander Janssen from LDV stated:” From day one to present day, the seller has been breaching the contract on numerous aspects. We may have to withdraw from the project, as, so far, we have not been in control for one second”.

“We are strong believers that the Primera Division is achievable for Marbella FC. We had plans in place to turn the club around financially, strengthen the team for next season and put expertise in place allowing the team to gradually become a Primera Division candidate”.

“Remaining president has preoccupied Mr. Grinberg, more than enabling the team to make the promotion to Segunda A. He has given them the minimum of support to participate, but not nearly enough to win. Now, the situation has changed dramatically, and we will start legal proceedings shortly”.


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