The placing of an LGBT flag on Marbella’s Faro beach has unleashed a wave of homophobic comments on the social networks and been reported on national TV.

The Facebook group ‘Marbella se queja’ has published a photograph of the flag in which it says “Can someone explain to me why the flag of our country, Spain, is not on the beach of the Faro? Are gays not Spanish?

Following the publication of this digital platform, homophobic comments have been made in the post. “What discrimination and disrespect for those who are not queers,” commented a homophobic user. Other users, indignant with the comments, have come out in defense of the LGBT rights: “. If the LGBT collective were not so persecuted, they would not need these things”.

We’re just sad that the news is all about about Marbella’s apparent intolerance and lack of empathy. The Marbella that we know and love supports all people, no matter what their race, religion or sexuality.