Loss of Luxury

It’s a sign of changing times. Last week Marbella Town Hall announced that Marbella Luxury Weekend, the event that was meant to showcase luxury goods, will not be taking place this year.

Held for the past five years in Puerto Banus, the last edition of Marbella Luxury Fair had failed to attract the support of the luxury market, meaning that the Town Hall had to contribute to the event.

Councillor for Tourism Miguel Luna revealed that at last year’s Marbella Luxury Fair, only €2000 had come

from the private sector.



With the event costing €150,000 over the past five years, Marbella Town Hall has decided that in the current financial climate, the money could be better spent elsewhere.

Marbella Luxury Fair had been roundly criticised in recent years for the lack of luxury items on show, as well as seemingly favouring Madrid based businesses, showrooms and galleries ahead of local firms.


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