Mabellisima – Nader

Singer/songwriter Nader shares his favourite places

Best View:
Well… I haven’t seen many views better than the one from my house. But Marbella is full of beautiful views and you don’t have to drive far into the hills to find one. If you want to scale La Concha to get a view then go ahead.

Best for Eating:
Plenty of good restaurants in Marbella but for now my personal favorite is Rincon de Cynthia, which is an amazing Peruvian restaurant in the centre of Marbella. They make amazing ceviche and fried yucca. It’s a new thing for me and I guess that is why I am besotted by it.

For brunch style and late breakfasts Art Café in Elviria is on my favorites list in winter and Hippopotomus (El Rosario/Las Chapas) in summer. Both places do a traditional Americana style menu – the burger, the eggs benedict, the salmon wrap, an amazing chicken and goats cheese salad at Hippo – and of course there’s nothing better than sitting on the beach on a summer afternoon having some good grub and drinks.

Best for showing visitors the real Marbella:
I always take my guests to the old town to show them a “good ole local time”. Tapas bars and drinking establishments that have had the same vibe for years and years – and sometimes the same people like Tangito. There are also a couple of places that have live music so it’s always nice to stop by and have a little jam. Saltaluna is great and has regular Thursday night jam sessions.And of course the real Marbella means at least one visit to the beach for visitors – or in summer they usually end up going on a daily basis.

Best for quiet moments:
I’ve always been a campo man rather than a beach man so I would say that 10 minutes inland and into the hills anywhere around Marbella is full of fantastic places. Again I would have to say that the countryside around my house is where I like to be.

Best for lively ones:
Old habits die hard, and having gone out in Marbella for 30 years I am still going to go to the bars I know such as Tangito and Locos

I couldn’t live without:

The weather. Like everybody else!

Best Shopping:

I’ve like to get into the garden or work on the house when I can, so I’d have to say some of the viveros like Guzman andLeroy Merlin!


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