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Marbella celebrity journalist jailed for child abuse

Marbella celebrity reporter Felix Ramos was sentenced to eight years in prison on Thursday after a Tangier judge found him guilty of statutory rape and indecent assault of two minors.

The prison term came after one of Ramos’s victims filed a complaint against the Spanish national in June last year. Although the 20-year-old Moroccan withdrew his complaint in September this year,  prosecutors pursued the case.

Anti-pedophilia NGO “Don’t Touch My Child” – that the judge ordered Ramos pay MAD 60,000 in compensation –  believes the victim received money from Ramos’s circle to drop the allegation.

The victim claimed that Ramos, who was a regular on the Marbella Media scene and had his own television programme, first raped him when he was 14 and living in a homeless shelter in Tangier. According to local Press reports, Ramos promised the boy Spanish documentation and accomodation, before taking him to a five-star hotel where the abuse took place.

Subsequently Ramos continued to rape the boy for a period of three years, taking him to Casablanca, Marrakech, and Chefchaouen. The victim was paid hush money to stay silent during this time.

Ramos, whose celebrity friends include Spanish televison presenter Manuel Parada and flamenco singer Falete, denied all the allegations during the trial.

Ramos is also under investigation by Spanish and Moroccan courts for selling false titles and diplomas on behalf of several organisations.

Photo. Ramos with Bo Derek at the Starlite Gala, Marbella

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