Marbella Design 2021 toasts success with awards

Marbella Design 2021, which closed at the Palacio de Congresos on Sunday, was once again a huge critical success.

The winners at this year’s Marbella Design

Over eleven days, more than 16,000 visitors enjoyed avant-garde art and design in 46 installations. Dozens of interior designers and more than 150 exclusive firms presented their most cutting-edge, risky and evocative imaginings under this year’s theme: the Andalusian Town.

Marbella Design also featured a full schedule of activities, conferences, talks and an awards ceremony – the Marbella Design Awards 2021. The jury of Ana Barreales, Enric Pastor, Erico Navazo, Paloma Gómez Marín and Pepe Leal awarded five prizes

The award for the best use and treatment of colour, for the harmony of combining colour in an exercise of chromatic balance, went to the Ferromagno space designed by José Lara.

The award for technological innovation, for the application of its technology in lighting in several prominent spaces, went to Eflux.

The award for sustainable and ecological space, for supporting local crafts and the sustainability project that this entails, went to the Artesanía de Castilla La-Mancha by Worn Studio space.

The award for the best product design, for the iconic design, the use of shapes and the elegance of materials, went to Sergio Prieto’s elephant armchair in the Addictions Design by Madrid in Love space.

The award for the best Marbella Design 2021 project, for being a functional and real project, went to the Porcelanite Dos space designed by Alberto Aranda.

In addition, the Audience Award for the best space went to Ascale by Tau designed by Deseesedesign. An award in recognition of his professional career was also presented to Luis Galliussi.


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