Marbella FC president to face magistrates on Friday

Marbella FC president Alexander Grinberg is set to appear before the magistrates this Friday, after his arrest yesterday in a high profile police operation against the Russian mafia.


Operation Oligarkh saw 11 Russians arrested in Marbella and Mijas. According to the Guardia Civil over a a hundred officers took part in the operation,  in collaboration with Europol.

The investigation began four years ago with the aim of dismantling the Russian criminal organisations Solntsevskaya and Izmailovskaya in Spain

As well as Grinberg, former Marbella FC vice-president, German Pastushenko, has also been arrested.

Guardia Civil officers are also investigating the purchase of Dama del Noche golf club by Grinberg, whose facilities were already being expanded by the construction of football fields for use by Marbella FC and Russian teams.

A large amount of cash, computer hardware, mobile phones and documentation has been seized, along with 23 luxury vehicles and a number of firearms

The detainees are due to appear on Friday  at the Court of Instruction nº 1 of Marbella,  charged with belonging to criminal organisation, money laundering and crimes against public finances.

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