A day after the tragedy at El Corte Ingles yesterday, Marbella is still in shock.

As the facts behind the death of a 14-year-old boy, who leapt to his death from the roof of the building become clearer, many are wondering if anything could have been done to prevent it.

What makes this more shocking is that victim’s girlfriend posted on Social Media that she and her boyfriend were about to commit suicide from the roof of El Corte Ingles, and friends that read the posts called the department store. Security rushed to the roof and found the teenagers. The boy jumped while the girl apparently hesitated and was prevented from leaping.

Onlookers I spoke to said that the boy fell “in a flying motion”. He hit the trees at the corner of El Cortes Ingles next to the pedestrian crossing by the roundabout. Reports suggest that he did not die instantly.

Harrowingly, it was a busy Friday early afternoon, with many families shopping during the British Half Term Holidays. Both youngsters attended a well know International School in Nueva Andalucia and I was told that the boy was recognised by some of his school friends that were out shopping with their mother . They thought at first that he was sleeping on the pavement, before the awful realisation hit them.

I was in Banus at the time and drove past as they were loading the body, covered in a white sheet on a stretcher, into the ambulance. My original thought was there had been a fatal accident at the pedestrian crossing, and it was only after I talked to witnesses that I found out what had happened.

Working in the local and international media, I have seen various theories into what has happened and who was involved, and again, until the facts become more clear, it is not wise to speculate.

What has become clear, however, is that the tragedy of teenage suicide has come to Marbella and yesterday’s events will have a devastating effect on many families and individuals and colleges for years to come. According to the INE (instituto Nacional Estadísticas) in Spain in 2016, 259 people under the age of 30 committed suicide.

Yesterday’s tragic events have made many parents realise that the complex issues and pressures that face their children as they turn into young adults, now need to be addressed. Even in Marbella.

Samaritans Spain: 900 525 100