Marbella in Top Ten of ‘Influencers’ favourites

Love them, loathe them or just be simply perplexed at what they actually do, but ‘Influencers’ love Marbella

Marbella has been revealed as one of the top ten recommendations that the social media butterflies make as a holiday destination. The ‘Peoople’ application monitored the opinions of the ‘influencers’ on the most popular destinations on social media in Spain and Marbella made the list

Starlite was one of the reasons that Influencers loved Marbella

The users with the most followers on social networks recommended the beach bars of Marbella, as well as its clubs and the Starlite festival.

The ‘Peoople’ application has more than 100,000 registered ‘influencers’ around the world (83,000 of them Spanish) and analysed the recommendations during the months of June to September.

Marbella was fourth in the Top Ten, after Ibiza, Formentera and Menorca, but ahead of Santander, Barcelona, Lanzarote, San Sebastián, Denia, Lisbon and Cadiz.

So if nothing else, Marbella is “Insta-fabulous”!

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