Marbella increases grant to Triple A

Marbella animal charity Triple A finally has reason to celebrate

Marbella Town Hall this week reinforced its commitment to Triple A with an annual grant of 80,000 euros, and also announced a project to update the facilities.

Mayor Ángeles Muñoz signed the annual collaboration agreement with the president of the group, Bettina Pietsch, on Tuesday. This increases aid for maintenance expenses by 20,000 euros compared to 2019.

The mayor praised the “great work” carried out by the association and explained that the objective of the agreement is “to guarantee the treatment and care of animals in relation to microchips, vaccination or sterilisation.”

“In response to their needs, the Works delegation has designed a functional and visual project that lives up to what a city like Marbella and the association deserves,” she said. The mayor also called on citizens and groups to continue collaborating and to continue adopting animals.

In reply Pietsch thanked the Town Hall for its support and stated that the project for the new facilities “is going to be magnificent”. “We are going to have the beautiful facility that Marbella deserves,” she said.

Secretary of the association, Jan Weima, added that the collaboration agreement will be “a great oxygen balloon” for Triple A

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