Marbella Music Festival today to rebuild venue

Some of Marbella’s best know musicans. artists and DJs are performing at a free festival to raise funds to rebuild one of the town’s best loved music venues.

The Lla – Arte Club, which was reknowned for its jam sessions, suffered severe fire damage earlier this year, and the free festival aims to raise money to help with the rebuild.

Planet Marbella with Mick and Keith from Not the Rolling Stones


As well as musicians including Nader. Monty and Gustavo, DJ sets by Curro, Tito Pulpo and Gottafunker – Mick and Keith from Not the Rolling Stones – the stars of this summer’s Undercover Festival are flying in especialy from London to take part.

DJ Tito Pulpo

The Festival, which takes place on the old feria ground on the Bulavar Pablo Raez, will also have stands and stalls selling food, drink and assorted gifts and starts at 12.00


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