Marbella nightlife venues left reeling after government clamp down

Marbella’s late night bars and clubs reacted in shock and anger to Madrid’s decision to close all nightlife venues in Spain.

The dramatic move, which comes into effect tonight, forces the closure of clubs and bars de copa as well as ordering all other establishments, such as restaurants to close at 1am, with no new patrons allowed to enter after midnight. The maximum number of diner has also been limited to 10 per table.

The measures come as Spain registered 2,943 new cases, the highest since April. Andalucia registered 534 in the province while Marbella reported 40 new cases on Thursday.

Lina Hodgkins, known as ‘Mummy Marbella’ took to Social Media to express her anger ” So the outdated, barbaric bull fighting can go ahead – but let’s hit the hospitality industry even harder, close nightclubs and bars at 1am so can you only catch this virus after this time???… Do they think the under 40s will stay in NO they will go out earlier and then have house parties so they are not stopping anything. This virus is here everyone has to learn to live with it, closing down the hospitality industry is not going to make it go away – more people will starve to death and commit suicide than die from COVID – these jobs worth people who earn their money making these ridiculous rules need to live in the real world – FUMING”.

Singer Mark Connor also took to Facebook “Closing a venue at 1am instead of 3am, what exactly will that achieve? Most of the clients will be pretty drunk by 1am, so they are already likely to have broken social distancing rules, or have not worn a mask to the toilet! I’ve just about had enough.And I’m not the only one”.

Adding to the widespread anger was the fact that the Starlite Festival once again seems to be exempt from these new protocols, even though the event was recently publicly critised for the lack of social distancing and masks not being worn.

For a hospitality industry already on its knees, these new regulations could be the final blow. Many clubs and bars in Marbella may shut their doors for good.

Photo by Artem Bryzgalov on Unsplash

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