Marbella sees Weekend of Bullfighting Protests

A weekend of peaceful protests against bullfighting ended in violence in Marbella’s bullring on Sunday evening.

Two anti bullfighting protesters leapt into the ring after the death of the third bull, killed by Morante de la Puebla. A scuffle broke out as Morante and others involved in the corrida tackled the men.

Morante attacked protester Pedro Torres with a series of kicks that owed more to Bruce Lee movies than the bullfight. The protesters were detained by the police but later released.

The first protest took place on  Friday when 300 people gathered on the paseo to show opposition to the bullfights. The protesters included anti-bullfighting groups as well as representatives of animal shelter Triple A and others.

The anti-bullfighting protest group stated “We reject any kind of animal abuse that occurs in bullfighting in Marbella, where the animal is humiliated, tortured and butchered to death, drowned in his own blood.

“Marbella Town Hall has said that it has zero tolerance to animal abuse. Marbella is a modern cosmopolitan city, that has an international image and a huge variety of leisure options. There is no need for bullfights where animals are killed in public,” they added, warning that it did not present a  good image of Marbella to the outside world.



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