Marbella Summer 2015 – The winners

So another Marbella summer draws to a close, and those of us lucky enough to live here let out a huge sigh of relief and settle back to enjoy September, the most mellow of Marbella months.

Summer war stories are swapped, tales of excess and excitement bandied about. Planet Marbella takes a purely personal pick of the winners of summer 2015…

Marbella Town Hall

The left wing coalition under Jose Bernal swept to power in summer, to the horror of some well heeled residents who before the muncipal elections seemed to think that the Red Terror was at the door.  Sierra Blanca was about to be turned over for social housing, the luxury car showrooms forced to sell tractors and Puerto Banus would be renamed Che Guevara marina, be run by a workers co-operative and have a strict dusk til dawn curfew (not a bad idea, I hear some cry)

In the end nothing of the sort happened as the new Marbella administration embarked on a policy of transparency, including publishing the Mayor’s wages on the web and unveiling a new strategic plan for the town running until 2022. It is early days but the signs for the new Marbella are looking promising.

Virginia Ruiz

Summer 2015 may well go down in history as the point when Marbella finally voiced its opposition to the bullfight. Following the lead of leading Spanish cities, Marbella declared that it would no longer allow its official television and radio stations to promote, report on or take advertising from bullfighting events.

There were peaceful demonstrations in Marbella by anti-bullfighting groups but things turned violent in the Bullring itself when bullfighter Morante de la Puebla clashed with protester Pedro Torres when he ran into the ring.

A week later Marbella based animal activist Virginia Ruiz attracted universal praise when she cradled a dying bull at a bullfight in Malaga. The striking image of her standing over the dying animal flashed around the world.
Life on Marbs

It may be a Marmite of a show, you either love it or hate it, but Life on Marbs was certainly the media event of the summer. The lives and loves of the cast drew the usual cries of “Where did they find this lot?” and “Why do they never pick ordinary people?”

Although you may not like the cast much (I admit that I’m biased in liking most of them because I’ve known some of them for years, and “Mummy Marbella” Lina has more than enough information on me, trust me) you can’t deny that Marbella itself looked superb, with fantastic opening shots reminding us just how lucky we are to live here.


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