Marbella to open beaches this Sunday – but not for everyone

It’s the morning that kids have all been waiting for. After six weeks of lockdown, the Spanish government has finally passed a decree allowing children under 14 to be allowed out from this Sunday, April 26.

But there are some rules. Children are allowed out for one hour of exercise a day, between 9am and 9pm and within one kilometre of their homes. They can take balls, hoops and other games, but must observe social distancing. They are allowed to run around, but will not be able to use the children’s play areas of local parks. One adult (it doesn’t have to be a parent) can take up to three children out to exercise.

In Marbella, mayor Ángeles Muñoz, thanked “the smallest of the house for their commitment during these hard weeks at home” and assured that “soon we will get out of this situation also thanks to the efforts of our children.”

As well as this, Muñoz has also authorised the opening of Marbella’s beaches. There are, however, restrictions. Firstly, no swimming is allowed. The second is that only children that live within a kilometre of the beach will be allowed to use them. In other words, if you live in an urbanization more than one kilometre from the beach, you will NOT be allowed to drive down and let your kids play on the sand or walk along the paseo. There will be Civil Patrol and Police on the paseo to make sure that these rules are adhered to.

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