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Marbella to star in spy drama

Marbella will be one of the main locations for  “Operating Naked – A Black-Bag Job,”  an exciting new  political thriller by espionage author Jon Augustine.

This edge-of-your-seat drama about US operatives during the controversial impeachment hearings from 1997-1999, is based on the author’s clandestine days as a Special Operations officer in the US Army Intelligence Support Activity (USAISA), and is a fictional account of real life events, many of which occurred in Marbella.
The show’s author, Jon Augustine, whose credits include the US Television hit show “Burn Notice” (pictured above), is a former spy and USAISA officer.
“Black-bag jobs” are clandestine operations to obtain information – sometimes illegally, but always highly dangerous. A critical part of the story arc takes place in Marbella, where the main protagonist interacts with members of Syrian Intelligence prior to the world trade terrorist attack. Marbella acts as a modern day “Casablanca” for many factions of spies in this espionage thriller.
Marbella will be the base not only for much of the action, but also for the production. The production team are currently casting for lead roles and location scouting. Casting for supporting parts will take place this month.


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