Felix Romero at the Press conference

Marbella Town Hall – No money for small businesses this year – difficult in 2021

Marbella Town Hall has admitted that it will be a winter of discontent for small businesses and the self employed

Councilor for Commerce Félix Romero revealed on Tuesday that there is no money to give the financial aid that small businesses in Marbella centre and Old Town have been demanding. Many took to the streets to vent their frustration in a demonstration on Friday.

At a Press conference at the Town Hall, Romero explained that they would have to wait for the next municipal budget in 2021, although he admitted that this would also be complicated because a drop in funds collection is expected.

“Right now the budget is what there is, we can only work with what we have left, because there is no time for credit modifications this year,” he said, in a statement that seemed to rule out any type of aid during November and December.

Looking ahead to next year, Romero was vague. “We will see how far we can go in the next budget,” he said, “it will be important to see how the collection is going, what income we have, because the money does not come from the air.”

Romero said that the Town Hall was in “contact” with all the associations in the sector and “is aware of the difficult situation they are going through.”

He highlighted the special rates for Christmas that has been negotiated with parking in the centre and or the money for the Christmas decorations (350 euros per establishment).

“It is evident that we would like to go much further and do more things, but resources are limited, there are many sectors that will need to help,” he said.

In April, mayor Ángeles Muñoz, announced a plan of 130 million euros in order to alleviate the consequences of the pandemic, but nothing has yet reached small businessmen and the self employed.

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