Marbella Vice – Violent videogame to launch next month!

You’ve lived the lifestyle – now play the videogame!

But something tells me the Marbella authorities aren’t exactly going to be ectastic about this new project that sees the town as a lawless crime capital

Content creator Ibai Llanos, who has millions of social media followers, is set to launch ‘Marbella Vice’, based on the game Grand Theft Auto.

The online game promises to break all records and attract of millions of young people, not only from Spain but also from abroad

Ibai Llanos presented his new project early this week on his YouTube channel, which has more than 5 million followers.

The orginal Grand Theft Auto V (GTA), has a high violent content and takes place in a lawless city called “Los Santos”. Llanos decided to call the online game ‘Marbella Vice’, due to the similarities between the two locations.

In the video, which has already been seen by 1.5 million people, he said that Marbella is a place “where there have always been many foreigners, with a lot of money hussling and drug trafficking.”

“There have always been a lot of parties and a lot of illegal things that are related to the game,” he explained.

He wanted to find “a place in Spain that resembled the GTA as much as possible” and admits that he thought of Galicia, but finally chose Marbella.

“In the GTA you can have your own drug gang, illegal businesses, your cars, motorcycles, thousands of stories, gang fights, robberies, kidnappings, etc,” he says.

Ibai Llanos assures that he is willing to create “the best content creator server that has ever been seen on the planet.”

While ‘Marbella Vice’ runs online, gamers will be able to organise their own live shows and broadcast their games through the server.

The event is set to be launched on April 4 and threatens to break all records.

I can hardly wait…the virtual tour of the second line of Puerto Banus should be quite something…

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