Marbella based model Bianca Balti has been named Sports Illustrated’s 2017 Rookie of the Year

In a Facebook Live interview with People magazine, Italian Bianca talked about how she balanced motherhood and dealing with her post-baby body while working as a swimsuit model.

“It is a challenge, but it’s also a pleasure, because we are lucky to have these problems! As soon as I gave birth I had like 20 kilos,and I realised, oh my gosh, in one month I have my photoshoot,” Balti says. “But it empowered me a lot, because I was training twice a day, and then going back to my baby, sleeping with the baby, and I did it and I felt empowered like I never felt before.”

Though she’s a “Rookie” this year, the 32-year-old Balti says modeling for the magazine fulfills a longtime dream.

“32 in modeling years is like 60. I’’m kidding, like Christie Brinkley is breaking these boundaries. It’s amazing because I’ve done so many of these things I’ve always wanted to do — almost everything — in my career. And now, at 32, I didn’t expect this. I wanted to be in the magazine for so long, and finally I’m here. And plus, I’m Rookie of the Year! It’s amazing.”

Bianca, who spends her downtime away from the spotlight in Marbella, wants this achievement to show to her daughters that anything is possible.

“They can do whatever they want, if you really want something, you visualise it and you go for it, and with me it happens all the time,” Balti says. “I just want them to feel like they can be whatever they want. They can be mothers, or they can choose not to have kids, for example. But they have to work for sure!

Congratulations B!