Marbella’s Magical Maverick!

I know that this might seem a little ‘poor me’ – especially if you reading this in a rain lashed London – but occasionally I get a little bit bored of Marbella.

A feeling that this place really doesn’t have that much to offer. Normally when a client hasn’t paid, I’ve been tailgated by a rented Audi driven by a 19-year-old ‘baby gangsta’, or my social media feed is full of Instamodels with their half-baked ‘read the first chapter of a Tolle book, parents paid my rehab, got a tattoo’ life lessons.
It’s what I call the ‘Marbellaise’, a general fed up and washed out attitude to this town.

Then something comes along that restores my faith in the fact that there are talented, creative and brilliantly eccentric people on the coast.

It started with a chance encounter on the track to my place on the Istan lake. As I was driving down, I spotted Jeff Bormes, a friend who I hadn’t seen for a couple of since he was wowing dinners at ‘Casa Gecko’ in the Old Town. “You have to come and try my new place” he beamed.

So after a few months of near misses and cancelled appointments (this is Marbella, after all) I took my BFF aka “The Pirate Queen of Coin”, who is something of a seasoned foodie, along to check out what Jeff was up to.

You know I mentioned eccentric? Well to begin with, Le Moi is not your normal restaurant. Located in the grounds of a private finca, reached by a concrete road, I did have to call Jeff to make sure I was at the right address.

Crunching onto the driveway there was an interestingly decorated building away from the main house. The sort of place that you could imagine a mad scientist or rogue wizard creating something ‘other wordly’. And that is exactly what Jeff has done. In the most brilliant way and without evil minions or creating a portal to another dimension. (The trip to the bathroom is a bit torturous but I digress).

In a world where most chefs seems to be producing the same ‘modern Mediterranean influenced by Andalusia with fresh produce’ cuisine, gazing out sternly from their kitchens across joyless dining rooms, Jeff is a true maverick. He has also remembered one of the most important rules in cuisine. It is meant to be fun!

Sitting down at the chef’s table as Jeff went to work and regaled us with stories of the countries and continents that he has worked in, ably supported by his wife Sylvia, the Pirate Queen and I were soon chatting away and swapping tales. Most of them too uproarious to be repeated here.

The only time that we fell silent was when the food arrived. A word of warning. Think carefully about who you bring to Le Moi, because they are going to make the sorts of exclamations, sighs and moans that you would normally expect to hear….well you are all consenting adults, I will let you guess…

There is a variety of menu options but you have to try the homemade smoked butter – my first OMG moment of the meal and that was just the start!

The only thing better than the reaction of the guests is the reaction of Jeff and Sylvia. They absolutely love what they do and have the skill set to produce a dining experience unlike any other I have come across in my 20 years or so as a ‘lifestyle’ journalist on the coast.

For an unforgettable evening where you will arrive as clients but leave as firm friends, I can’t recommend Le Moi enough.

And yes. It instantly rid me of my Marbellaise!


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