Marbella’s Michelin Magic

It’s a fabulous time to  be a foodie in Marbella.
The days when the town had little to offer over menu del dias (don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of ventas, but there are times when you need something a little more exciting than carne con tomate) or overpriced, pretentious restaurants that were gone before you could say gold flecked duck egg with caviar (step forward the incredibly short lived Huerta in Banus).
Marbella has become something of a Michelin hotspot since then. Marbella mayor José Bernalnc formally congratulated Dani Garcia (pictured), Skina, Messina and El Lago, who were awarded the Michelin Star at a gala in Santiago de Compostela.
Bernal commented that the four restaurants played a big part in Marbella’s image “They are the best ambassadors for our town, with values ​​that convey quality, effort and improvement.”The mayor went on to day that Dani García at the Hotel Puente Romano with two Michelin stars, and Skina and El Lago with a star each “were benchmarks of haute cuisine which is a real asset to tourism in Marbella”.
There were also special congratulations for Mauricio Giovanini at Restaurante Messina, which joins the Michelin 2016 guide with its first star, “a well-deserved reward for constancy and professionalism and confirms that Marbella is already a premier dining destination “.
It’s all a far cry from the old days, when dining in Marbella used to be somewhat akin to Russell Crowe’s famous quote in Gladiator.
“Whatever comes through those doors, we stand a better chance of making it out alive if we all stick together!”

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