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Marbellisima – Ali Silver

Non-diet Nutrition and Intuitive Eating coach Ali Silver picks out her favourite places in Marbella!

Best View:

The best view for me is when I’m walking down the beach, and can see the sea, mountains and forest all at once. Where else in the world can you see such a view?

Best Place for Coffee:

I am the opposite of a coffee snob; I like it milky and sweet and not strong at all. My only rule is that it has to be under 2 euros! For me the best places are the churrerias and ‘workmen’s’ coffee bars. Great coffee, more choices and they always remember your order.

Best for Eating:

I recently went to Puente Romano’s Sea Grill and was blown away by the meal there. It’s a little pricey but the tandoori monkfish is seriously worth it. My go-to restaurant when I really want to feed is the Golden Dragon. It’s classic Chinese, without MSG or added salt, and the food is really fresh.


Best for showing visitors the real Marbella: 

Definitely Old Town Marbella, around Orange Square. Walking up and down all the cobbled streets is great for people to explore, and the independent shops are a treat to wander in.

Best for quiet moments:

It seems crazy to say that Puerto Banus could have a quiet moment, but at the lighthouse at the end of the pier is a bench and it is very peaceful. All you can see is the seas and then you turn around and have the full impact of the mountains. Tourists aren’t one for doing the walk to get to the lighthouse, so you’re sure to have a moment to yourself.

Best for lively ones:

Dolce Vita Beach Bar is always vibrant with music and events!

I couldn’t live without:

It’s a cliché, but my sunrise beach run has become my favourite thing. It’s so quiet and the weather is just perfect for running. I also love seeing the Spaniards out doing their power walking – staying social and active seems to be the way of life here and I totally love it.

Best Shopping:

This is a toughie. I would have said La Canada, but the recent refurb at El Cortes Ingles has made me think twice. They’ve covered all bases with their shoe and clothes department.

Best Beach:

I am biased but for me it has to be Rio Real, which is where I live. It’s wide enough to walk, never too busy, and no influx of jellyfish either!

Personal Best

There are so many reasons Marbella is special, but for me it is the people. Coming from London, where everyone is so stressed and busy, it is hard to make connections with people. In Marbella, people here have time to chat with you, they are more open to new people and to fostering friendships with them.


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