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Marbellisima – Bettina Campolucci-Bordi

Health and nutrition expert Bettina Campolucci-Bordi,  picks out her favourite Marbella places.

Best View:  Sun-downers in any of the many beach bars scattered around the Marbella area. Autumn sunsets are magical turning the sky into hues of pinks and purples.
Best Place for Coffee: Marbella in general is good for coffee especially small ventas in the middle of nowhere. But my favourite place and my “daytime office” is Dezentral just by the H10 hotel.


Best for Eating: I always end up eating in Dezentral because I spend mornings or lunch times there. If I am in San Pedro or Marbella I go to Tomate Freshco, great for juices, gluten free options, salads at really affordable prices. If we are going somewhere fancy Serafina is a good choice. Lovely staff, good food and very forthcoming with dietary needs ( which is always an issue for me).

Best for showing visitors the real Marbella: I like to venture out of Marbella. Malaga has really become funky with lots of organic and trendy places popping up. For a bit of city buzz and a third of the price Malaga is a great place to spend the day or even a night.

Best for quiet moments: Walking along the beach during sunrise is amazing. Listening to the sound of the waves the sea washing up on the shore with a few enthusiastic early risers is pretty special.

Best for lively ones: Depends on what you are looking for. There are plenty of places to get lively. I have been going to Terra Blues in Puerto Banus for 10 years now and although I am not as frequent as I used to be you can’t beat the music and the vibe that Russell (the owner) brings to that place!

I couldn’t live without: All the markets and the abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits that is available to us here. After travelling a lot this past year I appreciate what we have and how affordable fresh produce is compared to big cities like London.

Best Shopping: I love Nina B and Gunnels Fashion on Central Plaza. Both shops have a great selection of brands that you cant find anywhere else. The older and wiser I get, I prefer to go for quality versus quantity which is exactly what you get with these two shops.

Personal Best: Honestly that is a really hard question. I think we all go through this love affair with Marbella. We go through love and hate and sometimes we float in the grey zone not really knowing what to feel!

I must say that over this last year I have fallen back in love with our bubble Marbella. I really appreciate and am grateful for what this place has to offer. Everything from amazing weather, beautiful surroundings and if you look hard enough you aren’t short of anything really. Lots of moments, lots of favourites and at this moment Marbella for me is at its Personal Best!

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