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Marbellisima – Eva George

Eva George is an author and Mum of two living between London and Marbella who has discovered a range of simple and practical ways for women to improve body confidence and become the healthiest version of themselves, without dieting or disrupting their lifestyles and has put everything she has learned into a book, designed for busy women like herself.
The result is Size HH, which was launched at the beginning of December. The title simply means to be size happy and healthy and it’s an easy to read, practical guide to making the most of your unique shape without dieting, or extreme exercise, plus how to make life-long healthier habit changes.
Eva loves Marbella and so we’ve asked her to share her Top Ten with us.
Ten things I love about Marbella

Children are welcome in most places, even in the evenings in restaurants and many bars. Spanish people love kids and they are usually made to feel very welcome everywhere which is great for a Mum of two like me, a very different vibe to the UK

Even though Marbella has become more and more modern and home to thousands of foreign people, the Spanish traditions are still going strong and they welcome us to join in their various parades and holidays like San Juan. For those who want to embrace it, the Spanish charm is there for the taking from traditional flamenco shows to spectacular dancing horse shows and all-night fiestas. I love that the Spanish still make such an effort, especially in Marbella, they sure know how to put on a good show here!

I could just be popping out for a pint of milk and a loaf of bread but the views that greet us at almost every turn makes the journey more magical than most places. Marbella sunsets over the Med are out of this world.

I love the diverse mix of people here. I have met people from numerous countries yet we all seem to have a something in common that has led us to Marbella, usually the desire for a better quality of lifestyle and the fine weather! It’s great to hear people’s stories on how they came to be in Marbella, because that’s one thing you can be sure of here, everyone has a story to tell!

Every type of food you could possibly want can be found within a few km radius. I have even been known to go to three different restaurants in one night, one for starters like tapas, somewhere else for the main, then a dessert and drinks somewhere else! With so many options in close proximity, you can really make every night completely different to the last without even leaving Marbella.

You can live a crazy life or you can live the quiet life, or a mixture of both which is my personal choice! With parties happening 365 days per year here, it can be easy to join in with the glitz and glam AND enjoy some serenity and down time with the family.

You can be your true self in Marbella. There are so many types of people here that nothing surprises anyone anymore. No matter how eccentric you feel you are, you can become part of a community with other likeminded, interesting people. I love that

Shopping for every budget. Marbella is one of those places that caters for the rich and famous and the ‘you and I’s’. You could easily spend thousands in a day here but it’s just as easy to live on next to nothing, thanks to the fab local farmers markets and local fruit & veg growers etc.

The beaches! Whether you want a secluded spot, a beach with a park on it for the kids, or a full blown beach party with live entertainment (luxury or laid back), you can find every type of beach to suit your mood and occasion. There are so many to choose from, we are spoilt for choice!

It’s easy to live a healthy, active lifestyle – With Estepona, The European City of Sport, just next door to Marbella and more tennis courts and gyms than you could possibly ever attend (inside and outside), it’s a paradise for those who want to shape up, or make a radical health transformation. Sierra Nevada is only a few hours’ drive from Marbella so we can enjoy skiing or snowboarding and sunbathing in the same day! Not to mention the huge variety of golf courses and water sport activities available all year round.
Size HH ebook launched in December in association with award winning website Costa Women and is available via the website and all electronic readers including Amazon Kindle, Apple ibooks, Google Play etc. The paperback book will be available to buy on January 10.

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