Marbellisima – Fraser Dodge

Fraser Dodge – owner of El Grifo, Marbella’s great new craft beer bar – picks out his 10 favourite things about Marbella.

Best View
It’s difficult to narrow this down to a top 10, let alone the best. One which I find appealing is the descent from Ojen, when Gibraltar is visible beyond the looping coastline and Banus. The other is the remote mountain views on the dirt road between Tolox and Istan for their raw beauty.

Best For Eating
Tanguito in the old town for a steak, Altamirano for traditional fried fish and Gourmet Burger Room for a burger.

Best For Coffee
I tend to be a coffee gypsy. I don’t have a regular spot, preferring to try different establishments. But only a strong, black, bitter, cafe solo largo will do!

Best For Showing Real Marbella
The old town is my favorite place in Marbella. Behind the touristy retail outlets there is a palpable sense of history. Any visitor gets dragged around with me giving running commentary on why it’s so great! A lunch at El Pisto is always on the agenda.

Quiet Moments
I live right on the edge of the biosphere, so my moments of contemplation are taken while walking the myriad of available trails in the mountains on my doorstep. There is no greater antidote to the hustle and bustle of the Marbella season than removing yourself from it and enjoying the solitude of walking in nature. People often overlook the natural beauty on our doorstep and they are missing a vital part of what makes Marbella such a compelling lifestyle choice.

Lively Ones
To start the evening off, I would have to selfishly say that El Grifo is the perfect launch pad. Being a bit of a beer snob, I like the variety we offer. After that, Punto Faro hails in the run up to blowing off steam at one of the uber-lively bars in the puerto deportivo.

Couldn’t Live Without
Family, friends, beer. A man of simple tastes and pleasures!

Best Shopping

The kind that I don’t have to do. Any excuse to not shop is a valid one in my book!

Personal Best
11min 28sec on the school run.

What Marbella Means to Me
A new beginning with multiple opportunities for my family. Marbella is a magnificent place where people are friendly, accepting and generally have a fantastic and positive outlook on life. The ease with which disparate nationalities and cultures coexist should serve as a model for other parts of the world to follow.


El Grifo Craft Bar, Avenida Antonio Belon 26, Marbella

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