Marbellisima – Hannah Murray

Talk Radio Europe Breakfast presenter Hannah Murray shares her favourite places in Marbella

Best View:

Every time I go to Kala Kalua, a chiringuito on the beach in San Pedro, it literally takes my breath away. Some almejas al ajillo, a glass of white wine, and an uninterrupted view of the Mediterannean Sea, Gibraltar, and even Africa, on a clear day – Stunning. Another really spectacular view is from the top of La Concha, Marbella’s famous mountain, which I’ve climbed a few times. You can see along the whole of the Costa del Sol, and try and work out where your house is!

Best Place for Coffee:

There are lots of great coffee shops in and around Marbella, which can vary hugely in price. I don’t like particularly strong coffee, and Café Verona make the perfect cup. It’s in La Colonia, San Pedro, where the radio station is, and the girls in the office take it in turns to buy the coffee each day.

Best for Eating:

My ultimate favourite that I discovered when I moved here nearly thirteen years ago, is La Marina de Guiseppe. It’s on the beach in Marbella, between the marina and the Alameda Park, and has been run by Guiseppe and Val for over 25 years. They have also had the same waiter, a real character called Pedro. The food is delicious and fresh, and his ‘Sizzling Spinach Pot’ (which you can have with or without chorizo), I’ve never had anywhere else. I’ve celebrated many a birthday there, and even spent Christmas day there once.

Over the last year San Pedro has opened some great new restaurants, and more and more people are coming from Marbella and even further afield to eat there. A personal favourite is Benisty, run by David, the son of Simon of ‘Albert and Simon’ (one of the most popular restaurants on the coast) My boyfriend and I think their food is some of the best quality and flavours we’re even seen on the coast. They have an extensive wine menu, funky modern décor, and the staff are lovely too.

Another one I must mention is Urban Chai, also in San Pedro near the Super Sol in Cortijo Blanco. Neil and Carla have only been open about six months, but they’ve already created a great atmosphere, got a regular following (as Neil was one of the founders of Terra Sana), and are creating some fabulous dishes, for meat lovers and veggies alike!
Best for showing visitors the real Marbella:

The Old Town in Marbella has to be done. Its cobbled streets, boutique shops and trendy tapas bars are always a lovely surprise for visitors, as I don’t think many people would stumble upon the old town without being shown. Each time I go there, I see places I’ve not seen before, and say “We must come here more often!”

Puerto Banus is also a must for tourists. It’s what they’ve seen on the TV, and often what they expect to see when visiting the area. I must admit, sitting in ‘Portside’ with a glass of something, looking at the beautiful yachts, and the beautiful people walking by, is a great way to spend an afternoon.

San Pedro is also a fun place to explore. I’ve lived in or around the town since I’ve been here, and yet, I can still get lost in the back streets trying to remember where the cobblers is that I took my shoes to be re-healed, or where that greengrocers was that gave me a free punnet of strawberries after I bought half the shop!

Best for quiet moments:

On top of La Concha is lovely and peaceful (depending on who you go up there with!), strolling along San Pedro paseo on a late summer evening is magical, and if I really want to get away from it all, I can go and visit my parents. They moved here just over a year ago, and live very much off the beaten track near Alozaina (close to Guaro and Coin, about 45 mins inland from Marbella)

The views of the hills and mountains from their place is spectacular, and the only noise is the occasional dog bark from next door, or the sound of goat bells.
Best for lively ones:

Since moving back into the centre of San Pedro over a year ago, we enjoy being able to go out for dinner and drinks, and be able to walk home again, so most of our ‘lively nights’ these days are nice and local. I host a quiz every Thursday at the Hogan Stand Irish pub, and enjoy going there for drinks and a dance, as they often have live music on the weekends. There are some cool cocktail bars that have opened recently in San Pedro too; Taco Loco, which are just off the roundabout by La Colonia, and have very reasonable priced cocktails, as well as Urban Bistro Bar, which is conveniently located next door to Benisty!
I couldn’t live without:

The sunshine. One of main attractions for people to move here is the great weather. It gives you so many more options when the sun is out. I’m sure everyone has experienced having visitors, and it rains. You feel guilty, as they are expecting sun! Thankfully, sun is what they will normally get when visiting from May to October. Although, It’s currently early January and we have clear blue skies, so you can get lucky throughout the winter months too. I’ve always felt that whatever life throws at you, if the sun is sunshine, then it’s not so bad.
Best Shopping:

To be honest I’ve always enjoyed high street shopping, and you can get pretty much anything you need from El Corte Ingles in Puerto Banus, La Canada Shopping Centre in Marbella, or even the Mirimar in Fuengirola. But if I’m treating myself, I’ll go for a bit of quality in Twist Boutique in La Colonia, San Pedro.
Personal Best:

I very much enjoy my job as a Radio Presenter. It’s a very difficult industry to get into in the UK, and I’m grateful of the opportunity to do what I do.

I never take it for granted being able to walk to the beach from my house, and being surrounded by great restaurants and bars is a huge plus (if not, a little dangerous – both on the finances and the waistline!) I am blessed to have wonderful friends, and my parents living nearby, so I can share it with them too.

I also really appreciate the location of Marbella, and the easy access to great cities like Malaga, Seville, Cordoba, Cadiz and Jerez. We drove to Portugal for a long weekend a couple of years ago too. This year we hope to venture over the water to Morocco. After living here this long, it’s about time!

You can tune into ‘Wake Up with Hannah’ on Talk Radio Europe every weekday from 8am to 10am, and The Book Show on Thursday’s at 7pm, repeated Saturday’s at 8pm @radiohannah


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