Marbellisima – Kara Robertson

The Boardwalk’s Kara Robertson hops off her Harley and picks out her favourite places in Marbella.

Best view

I know it’s my restaurant but my absolute favourite view is actually the boardwalk! I love it when I’m there alone early morning watching the sun rise over the water, it’s so beautiful and so peaceful! We have a school of dolphins that come by sometimes in the summer and that makes my day everytime!
Other days in the summer we have drunk tourists on their way home who fancy a spot of skinny dipping – which isn’t so nice a view!

Best place for coffee

I never really have the time to stop for coffee anywhere if I’m honest!
The only place I get to sit and have a coffee if I’m not at work is Ambrosia. Me and my twin Charley will meet for a quick catch up in between errands or meetings!

Best place for eating

Playwright in Elviria is a personal favourite of mine, everything is always so perfect! It has great ambiance and staff and I’ve never had  a bad meal! I would highly recommend it!

Best for showing visitors the real Marbella

Marbella is just so awesome really! Myself and Charley left to travel to find where we wanted to live and after seeing Australia and Asia came straight back here!
You can’t beat a walk along the promenade and eating a paella in La Red or one of the other typically Spanish chiringuitos, and then lie on the beach! It really is a slice of heaven

Best quite place

Myself and my husband Gary like to take the dogs and kids pack a picnic and go to Turtle lake! The kids love it!
It’s never super chilled at mine because that we have children and  of course six dogs!
What am I saying I don’t have a quite place! Everything we do is always manic 😆😆😆😆😆 even taking a bath I always have an unwanted visitor…

Best lively place

Hands down Aqua Mist!!! I’ve had some truly AMAZING nights here! And many that I can’t remember 😂😂 Kinky Malinki is a night not to be missed! We always have a few drinks in Astral first then move on to Seven or News Cafe then really get the party started in Aqua! My liver hurts just thinking about it!

I couldn’t live without

My family, all my dogs my kid,s my long suffering husband. I have my big sister and her fiancé ans nieces and nephews. My mum moved over when I had the kids and then my dad and his partner! I have amazing friends. And of course my twin! She really is the other half of me, I adore her, we are always at our happiest when together!

Best shopping

Ooooh I’m reallllly not a lover of shopping! I find it hard to get clothes to fit my body correctly! I find catsuits always work for me! They are  tight and I can get my big boobs and pokey bum in without bagging on the waist 😁 so I tend to shop online!
I hate the whole bouncing from shop to shop anyway! Sooooo boring!!!

Personal best

I really think that if you are living and working Marbella are living the dream!  I came young enjoyed the wild party scene then calmed down and built a life. I still enjoy wild nights but I’ve found the balance needed to stay in Marbella. I feel so very lucky to have what I have an live the life I do! I’m truly blessed x


The Boardwalk are holding a charity dinner for the children of Syria on February 26. for more onfo on this and other events

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