Marbellisima – Merie Revelo

Merie Revelo, Marbella’s top physiotherapist, picks out her favourite places in town
Best View: I love looking at La Concha from my house in San Pedro when I get up in the morning. It really gives me energy!
Best for Eating: There are lots of great places to eat in Marbella. One of my favourites is La Sala in Puerto Banus. I love the entrecote and there is a great ambiance.
When I want to eat fish, I go to Kala Kalua, a great little bamboo beach bar in Cortijo Blanco
Best for Coffee. It has to be Besaya Beach on the paseo because there is a great sea view from the terrace
Best for showing visitors the real Marbella: I love taking my visitors for a walk along the paseo from my home in San Pedro to Victor’s Beach, which is a great place to watch the sun go down.
Best for quiet moments: Either Besaya Beach or Cappuchino. Both have great sea views and it’s fun to people watch on the paseo.
Best for lively ones: For my nights out I’ll go to La Sala and Suite in Puente Romano with my friends. It’s always fun!

I couldn’t live without: The beach and the sea, especially when I am keeping in shape by walking or jogging.

Best Shopping: I love Jess Made Italy Boutique in San Pedro I lived in Italy before I moved to Marbella, so I love Italian style and the boutique has lots of great stock.
Personal Best: I love my life in Marbella because everything want is here. There is nowhere else like it!
To book a physiotherapy session with Merie, call 685 838 124

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