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Ten Things I love About Marbella with Georgina Shaw, Marketing Director Shaw Marketing Services

Best View:
It has to be the backdrop of La Concha that you can always enjoy in Marbella, normally against a bright blue sky. If you can see if you know that you’re home!

Best for Eating:
There are so many great restaurants on the Costa del Sol that it’s hard to choose, but we LOVE the juicy steaks, great red wine and awesome service at Patagonica in central Marbella. It’s buzzing all year round and we haven’t had a bad meal there. If you go and you still have room for dessert, try the piononos – they are to die for.

Best for Coffee:
All Spanish bars and cafés (even the grotty ones) have great coffees and they are cheap as chips. I like the cortado, with just a splash of milk, but there are a huge variety of coffees available and I have yet to have a bad one.

Best for showing visitors the real Marbella:
There are so many sides to Marbella, from the super-Spanish, to the international, and from the cheap and cheerful to the luxurious, so it’s hard to say what is the “real” Marbella. Strolling along the paseo on a Sunday and having lunch in one of the beachside restaurants really encapsulates the magic of the place.

Best for quiet moments:
Take a walk from the Refugio de Juanar up to the base of La Concha and enjoy the peace, the fresh air and the splendid countryside, it’s so far from the hustle and bustle.

Best for lively ones:
Head down to Marbella Port (Puerto Deportivo) in the evening for a great atmosphere, cocktails and a buzzing nightlife until the early hours. It’s perfect with kids too, as they can play on the playground on the beach while you enjoy sundowners – it’s a Friday night ritual.

I couldn’t live without:
My little boy – family life in Marbella is the best!

Best Shopping:
La Cañada has everything you need close at hand and plenty of parking

What Marbella means to me:
A great lifestyle, a more relaxed way to live, a brilliant place to bring up a family and the perfect combination of Spanish and International living. I have been here for nearly a decade and still love it!

Georgina Shaw is the Marketing Director of Shaw Marketing Services, a full-service Marketing & PR agency, offering intelligent marketing solutions at the right price. Find out more here


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